Partial Scholarship to Beauty School in Ohio

Partial tuition scholarships are available to *every 2016 graduating senior who enrolls and begins classes in any program between May 10, and August 31, 2016.


Scholarships are available in the following amounts:

Managing Cosmetology $1,000.00 View Program
Barbering (Dept. of Barbering in Niles) $1,000.00 View Program
Managing Esthetician $750.00 View Program
Managing Esthetician/Nail Tech Combo $750.00 View Program
Massage Therapy (Boardman Campus) $750.00 View Program
Managing Nail Technician $500.00 View Program

For more information or to speak to a Raphael’s Admissions Advisor, call 1-800-511-6405.

*Students transferring in with hours from another institution are not eligible.